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HP/Brother Printer Repair & Service

HP Printer Repair & HP Printer Service

Laserserve4less is an HP Printer Repair and HP Printer Service Center specializing in rapid on-site printer repair and service. Laserserv4less is your HP LaserJet printer, HP Color LaserJet printer, and LaserJet multi-function (MFP) HP printer repair and HP printer service center. With locations in Los Angeles and Orange County, we deliver an unprecedented level of hp printer service and response that you have grown to expect from HP. From rapid response to HP-certified technicians, we are eager to address your HP printer repair needs.

Laser Printer Repair

Laser Printer Repair is the cornerstone of what we do at Laserserv4less. With new HP laser printers, color laser printers, and MFPs being released, monthly laser printer repair has never been more exciting. Because of this, it is imperative that our HP authorized technicians in Torrance, California, stay ahead of the Laser printer repair game. For this reason, our HP-authorized laser printer repair technicians are required to participate in ongoing training and competency programs. Continuing education ensures that our hp certified technicians will provide you with the most competent service on your HP laser printers, HP color laser printers, and laser MFP.

Printer Being Used

In-House Laser Printer Service

Our In-house Laser Printer Service at Laserserv4less not only offers on-site laser printer service and repair for HP LaserJet Printers, HP Color LaserJet Printers, and MFPs, but we also cater to those who want to bring their machines into us to get their laser printer serviced. A reduced labor rate for laser printer service makes bringing your HP LaserJet printer, HP Color LaserJet printer, and MFP to our centrally located service center a very attractive option. Our HP authorized technicians are waiting to take your printers in for HP printer service and hp printer repair. Free ample parking is available in the back.

Fast On-Site HP Printer Repairing Service

Laserserve4less provides On-site HP Printer Repair Service. If our HP-trained and certified LaserJet printer technicians are unable to provide HP printer repair service over the telephone that resolves your problem, we will dispatch a certified laser printer technician who will be on-site within four hours after the call is placed. This response time for On-site HP printer repair service is applicable to those customers who need LaserJet printer, color LaserJet printer, or LaserJet MFP printer service within 100 miles of our service center.

90% to 100% First Call Fix Rate

We understand how important successful hp printer repair is the first time. For this reason, we carry all of the necessary parts to provide a near 100% hp printer service success rate when repairing and servicing your LaserJet printer, color LaserJet, and multi-function printer.

HP Printer Repair Warranty

Limited Warranty: Should any problem to do with your HP printer repair reoccur within 30 days or 10,000 pages of the original call (whichever comes first), we will return at no charge to fix it. Parts are not included. The parts we installed that failed to fix the problem will be removed on the return visit, and charges for them will be reversed.

On-Site Printer Repair Warranty

Being an Authorized repair and service center enables Laserserv4less to perform warranty repairs and service to your laser printer, color laser printer, and laser multi-function printers. For those LaserJet machines that are brought in to us, we will perform the warranty service and repair free of charge. On-site warranties are available for laser printers and HP color laser printers.

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Service Agreement

Annual Service Agreements

For those customers who want to take the worry out of their laser printer, color laser printers, and MFPs, we offer annual service agreements. For one upfront charge, we provide an all-encompassing umbrella of service and repair for your LaserJet printer, HP Color LaserJet, and HP MFP. These agreements were designed for customers who want regular preventative maintenance and fast response times for their laser printers.

HP OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Replacement Parts

In order for your laser printer, color laser printer, or multi-function printer to run as efficiently and effectively as possible, one must use HP genuine spare parts. Because of that reason, unless requested, we use only HP genuine spare parts. The high volume of service and repair we perform has enabled us to purchase parts in bulk. The savings that result from such purchases are passed along to our customers with discounts of up to 35% off our competitors' prices. Whether you are shopping for a laser printer, color laser printer, MFP parts, or machines, we are your total solution.

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Printers We Proudly Repair & Service:

HP LaserJet Series 3020 MFC
HP LaserJet Series 3150 MFC
HP LaserJet Series 3200 MFC
HP LaserJet Series 4 Plus Printer
HP LaserJet Series 4M Printer
HP LaserJet Series 5 Printer
HP LaserJet Series 4V Printer
HP LaserJet Series 3SI Printer
HP LaserJet Series 6P Printer
HP LaserJet Series 2100 Printer
HP LaserJet Series 2300 Printer
HP LaserJet Series 4000 Printer
HP LaserJet Series 4100 Printer
HP LaserJet Series 5SI Printer
HP LaserJet Series 8100 Printer
HP LaserJet Series 9000 Printer
HP LaserJet Series 1000 Printer
HP LaserJet Series 1100 Printer
HP LaserJet Series 1200 Printer
HP Color LaserJet Series 1500
HP LaserJet Series 2420 Printer
HP LaserJet Series 2600 Printer
HP LaserJet Series 3330 MFC
HP LaserJet Series 3030 MFC
HP LaserJet Series 3100 MFC
HP LaserJet Series 3500 Printer
HP LaserJet Series 3380 MFC
HP LaserJet Series III Printer
HP LaserJet Series IIP Printer
HP LaserJet Series 4SI Printer
HP LaserJet Series 6L Printer
HP LaserJet Series 2430 Printer
HP LaserJet Series 4101 Printer
HP LaserJet Series 4200 Printer
HP LaserJet Series 4250 Printer
HP LaserJet Series 4300 Printer
HP LaserJet Series 4350 Printer
HP LaserJet Series 4345 MFC Repair
HP Color LaserJet Series 4500 Printer
HP Color LaserJet Series 3700 Printer
HP Color LaserJet Series 4600 Printer
HP Color LaserJet Series 4650
HP Color LaserJet Series 4700 Printer
HP LaserJet Series 5000 Printer
HP LaserJet Series 5100 Printer
HP Color LaserJet Series 5500 Printer
HP Color LaserJet Series 5550 Printer
HP LaserJet Series 9050 Printer
HP LaserJet Series 8000 Printer
HP LaserJet Series 8150 Printer
HP LaserJet Series 4050 Printer
HP LaserJet Series 2200 Printer
HP LaserJet Series 1020 Printer
HP LaserJet Series 1150 Printer
HP LaserJet Series 1300 Printer
HP LaserJet Series 1320 Printer
HP Color LaserJet 2500 Printer
HP Color LaserJet Series 2550 Printer
HP Color LaserJet Series 3550 Printer
HP Color LaserJet Series 3600 Printer
HP LaserJet Series 4 PLUS
HP LaserJet Series 5L Printer
HP LaserJet Series 4L Printer

Cities in Los Angeles County, California


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Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Service Area
Serving Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura counties 

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Cities in Los Angeles County, California

90016 West Adams (City of LA)
90017 Downtown Los Angeles
90018 Jefferson Park
90019 Country Club Park
90020 Hancock Park (City of LA)
90021 Downtown Los Angeles
90022 East Los Angeles
90023 East Los Angeles
90024 Westwood (City of LA)
90025 Sawtelle West Los Angeles
90026 Echo Park/Silverlake
90027 Griffith Park/Los Feliz
90028 Hollywood
90029 Downtown Los Angeles
90030 Terminal Annex
90031 Montecito Heights
90032 El Sereno
90033 Boyle Heights
90034 Palms (City of LA)
90035 West Fairfax
90036 Park La Brea
90037 South Central
90038 Hollywood
90039 Atwater Village
90040 Commerce
90041 Eagle Rock
90042 Highland Park
90043 Hyde Park
90044 Athens
90045 LAX Area
90046 Mount Olympus (City of LA)
90047 South Central (City of LA)
90048 West Beverly (City of LA)
90049 Bel Air Estates
90050 Los Angeles
90053 Los Angeles
90054 Los Angeles
90055 Los Angeles
90056 Ladera Heights
90057 Westlake
90058 Vernon x x
90059 Watts
90060 Los Angeles
90061 South Central
90062 South Central
90063 City Terrace x
90064 Cheviot Hills
/Rancho Park
90065 Cypress Park
90065 Mar Vista
90067 Century City
90068 Hollywood
90069 West Hollywood
90070 Los Angeles
90071 ARCO Towers
90072 Los Angeles
90073 VA Hospital
90074 Los Angeles
90075 Los Angeles
90076 Los Angeles
90077 Bel Air
Beverly Glen

90078 Los Angeles
90079 Los Angeles
90080 Airport Worldway
90081 Los Angeles
90082 Los Angeles
90083 Los Angeles
90084 Los Angeles
90086 Los Angeles
90087 Los Angeles
90088 Los Angeles
90089 USC
90091 Los Angeles
90093 Los Angeles
90094 Playa Vista
90095 Los Angeles
90096 Los Angeles
90101 Los Angeles
90102 Los Angeles
90103 Los Angeles
90189 Los Angeles
90201 Bell/Bell Gardens
90202 Bell Gardens
90209 Beverly Hills
90210 Beverly Hills
90211 Beverly Hills
90212 Beverly Hills
90213 Beverly Hills
90220 Compton
90221 East Rancho
90222 Compton
90223 Compton 91402 Panorama
91403 Sherman Oaks
Van Nuys
91404 Van Nuys
91405 Van Nuys
91406 Van Nuys
91407 Van Nuys
91408 Van Nuys
91409 Van Nuys
91410 Van Nuys
91411 Van Nuys
91412 Panorama City
91413 Sherman Oaks
91416 Encino
91423 Sherman Oaks
91426 Encino
91436 Encino
91470 Van Nuys
91482 Van Nuys
90230 Culver City
90231 Culver City
90232 Culver City
90233 Culver City
90239 Downey
90240 Downey
90241 Downey
90242 Downey
90245 El Segundo
90247 Gardena
90248 Gardena
90249 Gardena
90250 Hawthorne
90251 Hawthorne
90254 Hermosa Beach
90255 Huntington
90260 Lawndale
90261 Lawndale
90262 Lynwood
90263 (Malibu)
90264 Malibu

90265 Malibu
90266 Manhattan Beach
90267 Manhattan Beach
90270 Maywood
90272 Castellemmare
90274 Palos Verdes
90275 Rancho Palos Verdes
90277 Redondo Beach Torrance
90278 Redondo Beach
90280 South Gate
90290 Topanga
90291 Venice (City of LA)
90292 Marina del Rey
90293 Playa del Rey
90294 Venice (City of LA)
90295 Marina del Rey x
90296 Playa Del Rey
90301 Inglewood
90302 Inglewood
90303 Inglewood
90304 Lennox
90305 Inglewood
90306 Inglewood
90307 Inglewood
90308 Inglewood
90309 Inglewood
90310 Inglewood
90311 Inglewood
90312 Inglewood
90313 Inglewood
90397 Inglewood
90398 Inglewood
90401 Santa Monica
90402 Santa Monica
90403 Santa Monica
90404 Santa Monica
90405 Santa Monica 91495 Sherman Oaks
91496 Van Nuys
91497 Van Nuys
91499 Van Nuys
91501 Burbank
91502 Burbank
91503 Burbank
91504 Burbank
91505 Burbank
91506 Burbank
91507 Burbank
91508 Burbank
91510 Burbank
91521 Burbank
91522 Burban
90406 Santa Monica
90407 Santa Monica
90408 Santa Monica
90409 Santa Monica
90410 Santa Monica
90411 Santa Monica
90501 Torrance
90502 Torrance
90503 Torrance
90504 Torrance
90505 Torrance
90506 Torrance
90507 Torrance

90508 Torrance
90509 Torrance
90510 Torrance
90601 Whittier
90602 Whittier
90603 Whittier
90604 Whittier
90605 Whittier/South
90606 Los Nietos 
90607 Whittier 
90608 Whittier
90609 Whittwood
90610 Los Nietos
90623 La Palma
90630 Cypress
90631 La Habra
90701 Cerritos
90702 Artesia
90703 Cerritos
90704 Avalon
90706 Bellflower
90707 Bellflower
90710 Harbor
90711 Lakewood
90712 Lakewood
90713 Lakewood
90714 Lakewood
90715 Lakewood
90716 Hawaiian Gardens
90717 Lomita/Rancho
90723 Paramount
90731 San Pedro
90732 Rancho Palos Verdes 91523 Burbank
91601 North Hollywood
91602 North Hollywood
91603 North Hollywood
91604 North Hollywood
91605 North Hollywood
91606 North Hollywood
91607 North Hollywood
91608 Universal City
91609 North Hollywood
91610 Toluca Lake
91611 North Hollywood
91612 North Hollywood
91614 Studio City
90733 San Pedro
90734 San Pedro
90744 Wilmington
90745 Carson
90746 Carson
90747 Carson (
90748 Wilmington
(City of LA)
90749 Carson
90755 Signal Hill

90801 Long Beach
90802 Long Beach
90803 Long Beach
90804 Long Beach
90805 North Long
90806 Long Beach
90807 Long Beach
90808 Long Beach
90809 Long Beach
90810 Carson/Long
90813 Long Beach
90814 Long Beach
90815 Long Beach
90822 Long Beach
90831 Long Beach
90832 Long Beach
90833 Long Beach
90834 Long Beach
90835 Long Beach
90840 Long Beach
90842 Long Beach
90844 Long Beach
90845 Long Beach
90846 Long Beach
90847 Long Beach
90848 Long Beach
90853 Belmont
90888 Long Beach
91001 Altadena
91003 Altadena
91006 Arcadia
91007 Arcadia
91009 Duarte
91010 Bradbury
91011 La Canada
91012 La Canada
91016 Monrovia
91017 Monrovia
91020 Montrose
91021 Montrose
91023 Mount Wilson
91024 Sierra Madre
91025 Sierra Madre
91030 South Pasadena
91031 South Pasadena x
91040 Shadow Hills
91041 Sunland (City of LA)
91042 Tujunga (City of LA)
91043 Tujunga 91615 North Hollywood
91616 North Hollywood
91617 Valley Village
91618 North Hollywood
91702 Azusa
91706 Baldwin Park/Irwindale
91709 Chino Hills
91711 Claremont
91715 City Of Industry
91716 City Of Industry
91722 Covina